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H.W. Walker is a writer from Memphis, TN. Being from the south, he was strongly influenced by southern authors like William Gay, Cormac McCarthy, and Carson McCullers. His love of horror was stoked at an early age, reading his mother’s hand-me-down Stephen King paperbacks. Clive Barker is an idol of his, having successfully made a career in both print and film. H.P. Lovecraft, Peter Straub, and Brian Evenson are other inspirations, to name a few. He also takes inspiration from folk-blues singers such as Mississippi John Hurt and Blind Willie Johnson. His writing style has also been heavily influenced by great screenplay writers such as P.T. Anderson and Charlie Kaufman. He imagines his writing existing at the intersection of all these mediums. He has a strong interest in folk history and can often be found hunting old graveyards with his grandfather.

He received his bachelor’s degree in creative writing from the University of North Carolina – Charlotte in 2018 and is an MFA candidate at the University of Central Florida.

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